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CTEK Battery Charger - MXS10 (10A)

CTEK Battery Charger - MXS10 great for caravans
RRP $412.01 Our Price $246.40
In stock : New Model!

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CTEK Battery Charger - MXS10 (10A)

Part Number: MXS10

The new CTEK MXS 10 offers state of the art battery charging technology.

It's ideal for many applications such as the workshop, caravan, camper trailer or for your car or 4WD.

One of the features that makes the CTEK range of battery chargers special are their inbuilt functions that allow you to diagnose you battery to see if it can receive and retain charge and to recondition a battery that has become stratified and deeply discharged. This function can bring many batteries back from the dead!

CTEK chargers also have a unique maintenance charging function and temperature sensor ensuring your batteries are charged and maintained perfectly for all weather conditions.

The power supply mode is also very handy for situations where you might want to run a 12 volt appliance such as a camping fridge directly from 240 volts without running through a battery. This can also be very handy when you want to replace a battery in a vehicle without losing the vehicles memory and settings. The CTEK can be connected to the vehicle keeping the system alive while the battery is replaced.

CTEKs unique LED display shows you which step of the charging cycle you are in, as the MXS 10 has a fully automatic 8 step charging process to ensure 100% battery charge.

The MXS 10 delivers 10A to 12 volt batteries and can charge battery(s) from 20 to 200Ah in size and maintain battery(s) up to 300Ahs in size.

This battery charger is IP65 rated, which means it is splash and dust proof and is designed to protect sensitive vehicle electronics and to be non sparking. It has reverse polarity protection and is also short circuit proof.

CTEK offers a 2 year warranty on this charger, but if you buy it direct from Kulkye Kampers we'll upgrade you to 5 years, giving you added piece of mind.



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