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Kulkyne 2.0kVA - Inverter Generator

RRP $1,599.00 Our Price $1,095.00

30 day money back guarantee!

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Freight Details

Size: 55(l) x 35(w) x 50(h) cms Weight: 23kgs
Optional Freight Insurance: $21.90
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Kulkyne 2.0kVA - Inverter Generator

Part Number: KG2000is

What makes this the Next Generation Inverter Generator?

We’ve finally produced a quality inverter generator to match the quality of the Japanese brand generators, but without the price tag!

The Kulkyne Next Generation KG2000is has been manufactured using only quality components and designed to last in Australia’s toughest conditions. We’ve used a genuine Yamaha engine and the alternator and inverter are sourced from the world’s leading generator component manufactures.

“No Stress, No Worries Warranty”

We just didn’t stop at matching Yamaha and Honda on quality; we’ve surpassed them by offering the industry’s leading warranty. Our No Stress, No Worries 3 Year Warranty isn’t just a long warranty, it’s an easy one provided by a trusted Australian company. Check out our policy to see why ours is the Next Generation in warranties!

High Quality MZ80 Yamaha Engine

This serious generator with its Yamaha Engine and high quality Pure Sine Wave Inverter will run selected caravan air conditioner models or a large campsite without any worries and will also handle sensitive equipment such as mobile phone chargers, battery chargers, TVs and computers.

The Auto-Throttle function means our Next Generation Inverter Generator beats Honda on fuel economy (based on our tests at 450, 900, 1350 & 1800 watts) and leave Chinese brand generators in our dust! And the technology in our Noise Reduction System (NRS) means you and your neighbours won’t be bothered by the noise.

Safety Features

We’ve got all the safety features you’d expect in a quality generator, but the best thing is when you pull the cord on your Next Generation Kulkyne Inverter Generator it will start first go, every time!

“When you compare our specifications to the market leaders
you’ll see that we’ve matched them;
when you compare our warranty policy, you’ll see that we’ve surpassed them;
and when you compare the price you’ll see the Kulkyne 2.0kVA Inverter
Generator is the hottest new thing to hit the market in a long time.”

Please see the Specifications tab on this product for more warranty information.

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