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National Luna Fridge - Alloy 50L Twin

RRP $1,845.00 Our Price $1,736.47

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Size: 39(l) x 72(w) x 51(h) cms Weight: 23kgs
Optional Freight Insurance: $34.73
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National Luna Fridge - Alloy 50L Twin

Part Number: NLR50A

The National Luna 50 litre twin is a really practical size with a large 40 litre fridge and 10 litre freezer ideal for the traveller. What is really special about the National Luna range of fridge / freezers is that the cooling plates are built into the walls of the fridge meaning that you don't have separate cooling plates inside your fridge taking up precious room. In the real world what this means is that the National Luna 50 litre will hold as much food and drink as the larger 60 litre Engel.

Because the 50 litre twin has 43mm high density foam it also uses around half the power of an Engel especially when tested in above 40 degree temperatures as experienced here in Australia.

The 50 litre twin has a single digital temperature control for the fridge compartment; the freezer automatically operates at 10 degrees below this temperature. A really neat trick with these fridges is to set the main compartment as a cooler and use the 10 litre compartment as a fridge when you are doing day trips or using the fridge at work - what this does is cut right back on power usage when you only need a small capacity.

The 50 litre twin fridge / freezer features the latest Danfoss BD35F compressor, which when coupled with 43mm insulation gives low power consumption even in Australia's toughest conditions. The fridge compartment on the 50 litre twin can be drawn down to minus 12 degrees even on 43 degree days.

The 50 litre National Luna aluminium fridge weighs 22.6kgs and is constructed from structured aluminium on the outer and smooth aluminium on the interior. The other benefit of metal construction is that a unique manufacturing process can be used whereby foam can be injected under high pressure into the walls of the fridge giving denser, more effective insulation maximising interior space while reducing overall dimensions.



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